Shave your head and grow an epic afro

It’s the 90’s and I have a head of long, luxurious hair that my mother had loved and nurtured and it showed. My hair was the envy of many but it wasn’t as important to me then as it is now.

Fast forward to varsity; I had been in charge of my own hair for a couple of years. Being experimental was fun but all the dyeing and heat damage was so evident. Looking back makes me sad to see how much I was ill-treating my hair.

Then the clippers came out

It was late 2017 and I’d finally decided that I wanted to go short again, as in #fadebetterthanyourboyfriends short. There I was, sitting in the chair at the barbershop. The buzz from the clippers vibrated in my ears and I felt this weird sensation on my head. My locks hit the floor and there was no turning back. I had a buzzcut.

Finding the beauty in the nakedness

Waking up the next day and facing myself in the mirror was difficult. Much like the scene from Nappily Ever After, when Violet discovers that she’s shaved her hair. Facing the world with no hair on my head humbled me. I felt extremely naked and vulnerable but I had to remember who I was and own the look.

Short hair taught me to love myself from scratch. With no hair to hide behind, no facade of femininity and no edges to lay. Just me, as I was!

Patience, self-love and growth

Growing an afro takes courage. Somedays you get into fights with the nest that has formed above your head and it’s discouraging. Take a deep breath and remember the following things.

  • A wide-toothed comb
  • Condition, condition, condition
  • Protective styles are your best friend
  • Oils are a must (Amla, Coconut, Castor)
  • Bone Strait after conditioning (Tried and trusted by our mothers)
  • Finger detangle
  • No heat
  • No overwashing

Hair will teach you patience and love. Treat it well and it will reward you with the dopest afro you’ve ever seen.

Good luck with your poof,


2 thoughts on “Shave your head and grow an epic afro”

  1. The one thing I need to pray to the powers that be for is patience when detangling. I rely heavily on my Denman brush to do the work, but I fear I’m doing more harm than good really. So my mission for 2019 is to practice patience and lightly finger detangle followed by my wide tooth comb. May the odds be ever in our favour, sis. ❤️


    1. Hey boo. Ja new chomi, I don’t think the brushing is a good idea. I can tell my hair is shorter in the middle because that’s where my hair forms this dreadlock that just won’t detangle. So I try and do my hair on Sunday’s when there’s more time instead of when I’m rushed and just breaking my hair essentially. Good luck 💋


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