To coloured girls from the kasi

I’m a ’91 baby, a coloured girl from the flats of Eldorado Park. Coming from where I came from sort of seems surreal now as I look back with my mind’s eye. There isn’t anything inspiring to see when you look around the hood now besides generational poverty, drug abuse and oblivious teenagers chilling without a plan.

Create your own opportunities

We have the chance to curate our own stories on digital spaces. Online, impossible is nothing and opportunities are endless if you have a great idea. The only thing is, we have to create these opportunities for ourselves.

Use the internet to learn new things. The web is churning out endless information on all sorts of topics as you sit and read this. Let your desire to be successful span as far as your imagination will take you and most importantly, be relentless.

We often get into a pattern of letting rejection or negative energy stop us. Find a dream you’re are passionate about and don’t give up!!!

Remember, life’s a process.

I thought that by 27 I’d have all my shit figured out and boy was I dead wrong. I needed to remind myself to focus less on the big wins and more on the day to day steps I was taking to achieve my overall goal.

Push yourself to do try things that scare you. Take that trip, apply for that job, write that blog, start that Youtube channel, go for that audition. It’s true that in order to go somewhere you’ve never been you’ll have to do something you’ve never done. So invoke your inner bad bitch and do the things that make the things happen babes!!

… and another thing! Remember to stay in your own lane, what other people are doing doesn’t concern you.

Focus, distraction is the enemy!

You have to align your intentions and actions in order to manifest the life you deserve! Ashwin (my fiance) helps me keep my eye on the prize because he’s so driven. Surround yourself with people who have a vision because when your circle is succeeding then you probably will be too.

The hood might not be favourable to the growth of a young brown woman, but it can not be an excuse to not become all the things you’ve dreamt of becoming.

Be consistent and remember to do at least one thing a day that helps your future dreams come to fruition.

Your dreams are valid!

Love Gaby.

6 thoughts on “To coloured girls from the kasi”

  1. Wow true
    It’s good to be with people who motivate you to become a better person and to show u the potential you don’t see in yourself
    *love this Gabi
    Keep on keeping on


  2. Wow, this is a reason for reflection. Wish your more youngsters in the community can see this and be inspired and bold enough to make a decision to better their lives for themselves and blame or become dependant on government grants and realise just how many opportunities are out there.


    1. Hi Leizel. Thank you for your comment. It saddens me to see the state of coloured communities and the hopelessness the youth experience. I want to remind coloured women especially that they have the power to change their situations and that a better life is possible. I appreciate you for reading.


  3. I think I needed to read this, to realise I don’t have to complicate my life nor do I have to stress when things don’t work out as I have planned. To go after my goals a day at a time.

    Again I must compliment you in such an honest, heartfelt post.

    Awaiting the next post


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