I’ve struggled with the BIG B.O (body odour) for the longest time. I’ve always been into physical activity and the gym is great, but it can also feel a bit gross with all the sweaty gym enthusiasts touching equipment, gym mats and the water dispenser. So using the right soap is important.

This goodie bag was a sign

To my excitement, I received a hamper with various soap bars from the Dettol Profresh range. The bag also included a yoga mat, skipping rope and water bottle. I took this as the world trying to give me a sign.

To be quite honest, my gym routine had been slacking for several months and I wasn’t in the shape I once was. I scurried home with my goodie bag in tow and rolled out the mat, ready to tackle a workout I’d searched for on Youtube. After 45 minutes of gruelling cardio, my gym clothes drenched in sweat and me gasping for air, I decided to take a shower and try out my new soap bars.

Re-energize is my favourite

I tried the Dettol ProFresh Re-energize bar first. It was zesty combined with Dettol trusted protection from germs. My skin tingled with refreshment as I showered like it had literally been re-energised and afterwards, my skin felt so soft and smooth. I didn’t sweat as much as I usually do during the day, even during the hottest days this past December.

Here’s to a consistent workout routine and healthy, glowing skin in 2019 with a soap that can be used by the entire family. Gentle enough to cleanse and strong enough to protect. Yaaaas!!!

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