Body modification is a subject that has always intrigued me and when I became of legal age to do whatever I liked to my body, I grabbed that bull by the horns in reverse cowgirl and never looked back.

I remember the exact moment nipple piercings became a possibility for me. I was onto season 2 of Issa Rae’s deliciously dramatic series Insecure and the character Tasha, played by Dominique Perry had her nips out ready and waiting to be televised.  It took me by surprise and I wanted to be that girl, the girl with an unsuspecting secret, the girl with the nipple piercings.

I considered the idea for a while, sometimes thinking that it was an unrealistic fantasy (because how will I feed my future babies without spraying milk all over the place) and other times I was certain I would do it (because this is my body and why the fuck not).

I had Googled the pros and cons to nipple piercings and the “they” online had the consensus that it is by far one of the most painful places to get pierced and the healing process was something to commit time and patience too. Piercing this area takes up to 8 – 12 months to heal and I had to ponder if that was a time frame I was willing to commit soaking my nipples in a saline solution for, day and night, no slacking.

Within 10 minutes of being paid, I was at the piercing parlor with my boobs out. I took Cole and Terry with me for moral support but they only made jokes that made me more fearful of the pain to come (because what are friends for babes?). I had made up my mind. Dee (the artist) cleaned the area and marked the parts on my nipples where she would make the incisions. I had been anxious for a couple of days now and my anxiety was peaked by the fact that I was menstruating (meaning that the girls were extra sensitive). Dee gave me a stress ball to press the shit out of while she clamped one of the girls and there was no turning back now, then she pushed the needle through and I can’t recall a time I’d ever been in more excruciating pain that I’d volunteered for. She did the same thing to the second boob and I had a knee-jerk reaction subsequently kicking her in the shin (oops bitch).

I assumed that the pain was over until she inserted the jewelry, it hurt so much that I clenched my vagina. Man listen, that shit hurt. I looked at the girls (and by girls I mean my titties) and they looked so pretty staring back at me. Dee told me she respected me because she too had wanted to pierce both nipples but could only endure that kind of pain once. I had always been conscious of my breasts and the way they looked and I’ve always wanted smaller areola, perkier nipples, rounder breasts but now I look at them and think wow babes, the twins are beautiful.

None of my body modifications have ever been for anyone but myself. This body is my temple and I’ll continue to decorate her as I see fit. She is far more interesting unclothed (My fiance knows this) and the things she’s endured have proven that she’s a bad ass bitch (she being me).

P.s. it’s been a while since I’ve blogged so thank you for coming and I hope you enjoyed the read.

XO Gaby


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