It’s the night before my reading and I’m Googling tips on seeing a psychic for the first time. I had booked on payday and the next Thursday was the only open space she had to see me. Patience is not a character trait I’ve mastered as yet and when I tell you the days dragged…

I actually felt as though time was somehow travelling slower to torture me. I had reached a point in my life where nothing was going my way and I just wanted someone to validate that everything was going to be okay before I slowly lost my fucking marbles.


I had told several close family and friends that I’d be seeing a psychic. There were mixed reactions, with some people igniting my excitement and others dampening it by insinuating that psychic’s were scammers who would only tell me what I wanted to hear.

I was referred to this woman by a colleague who had seen her a couple of times (apparently you should never see one if not by referral), and she sang her praises. Nonetheless, I was anxious and excited to see this woman who could somehow tell me my fate.

The reading

My mother fetched me from work an hour early and drove me all the way to Ruimsig. The 40 minute drive to her house had my mind running wild, because I tend to overthink and I caught myself wondering what I would do if she said something I didn’t like. Either way I had decided it was worth it.

The GPS announced that we had reached our destination and my mother pulled into the driveway which also for a while seemed to have no end. Abigail came out and met me at the gate and lead me to (this description is going to be very cliche but fuck it) a dimly lit room with a table (typically with one lonely candle burning) and two chairs facing directly opposite one another, furnished only with a dusty carpet beneath us and a bookshelf to my left and one window to my right which looked out at the woods. I sat down and the reading began; I could hear my heart beating loudly in my ears. She took out her paper and pen and the reading began.

She went on to tell me things about my present life that she couldn’t have known unless she knew me personally. It was bizarre but I had gone there with an open mind expecting her to do just that. She knew that I was exploring career options outside of Johannesburg and advised me that running away from my problems wouldn’t solve them. She spoke of my tendency to pursue unhealthy relationships and expressed that she was worried about me. She mentioned that I have a very low self esteem which was weird because I thought I hid that part about me very well with my fucking amazing personality but she was right about everything and I sat there and cried for the entire duration of the reading (45 whole fucking minutes of sobbing to be fucking exact!)


It was never my intention to disclose the details of my reading because it’s far too personal. But that reading was just what I needed. She validated what I already knew and although I’m still struggling with issues in my life (like the fact that I’ve been betrayed and I’m so angry) I now know that I should be kinder to myself, that I shouldn’t always try and fix everything right at this second and that everything is temporary even heartbreak.

Apparently my thirties are going to be great, I’ll be a writer/entrepreneur and the next four years will be a learning curve. That was a R420 well spent in my opinion.

I might have walked into the the reading a bit skeptical but damn that bitch is good!

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